International Academy of Trial Lawyers – 2016 Annual Meeting


IATL President (link)

Richard Burbidge accepts his appointment as President of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers at the annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. (April, 2016)

Certificate of Appreciation (link)

First Lady, Suzanne Burbidge presents former First Lady, Joanne Mathews and outgoing IATL President, Joe Mathews with a Certificate of Appreciation.

President and Immediate Past President (link)

Richard Burbidge, Suzanne Burbidge, Joanne Mathews and Joe Mathews.

Opening Gala (link)

IATL President Burbidge and First Lady attend the Opening Gala.

IATL President and First Lady visit the Library of Congress (link)

Richard Burbidge and Suzanne Burbidge visit the Library of Congress.

Closing Reception (link)

Presiding President, First Lady and Chris Moore (sister to Suzanne Burbidge) attend the closing reception.

Leann Rimes Performs at Closing Reception (link)

American Country recording artist, Leann Rimes, performs at the IATL closing reception.

Closing Reception: Meet and Greet (link)